‘All That’s Changed’ Vols 1 & 2

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'All That’s Changed’ is a two volume set of CDs containing twenty eight of the most popular songs in the band’s repertoire. The selection represents some of the best songwriting for community projects in Milton Keynes over the past twenty five years or so.

Songs on Vol 1:
The Permanent Way ~ Stantonbury Village ~ Settling In ~ The Valley of the Shadow ~ Where My Heart Lies ~ Worksong ~ There’s A War On ~ Wanting More From Life ~ Old Bill The Carthorse ~ The Bunny Run ~ Violet’s Song ~ Ambulance Train ~ What Do They Think We Are? ~ Back Home Again

All That's Changed Vol 1 Medley -
All That's Changed Vol 2 Medley - Unknown Artist

Songs on Vol 2:
All Change ~ Sheltered Lives ~ It’s Dirty, It’s Dusty ~ Bright Battalions ~ Stony Stratford ~ Tom Worker’s Song ~ Letters Home ~ On The Breadline ~ Parapet Song ~ The Shrimp King ~ Orange and Blue ~ A Few Coppers ~ Little By Little ~ The Night The Stones Rolled IntoTown

‘Real Lives’


Available on CD or download

Recorded with the nine-piece electric band following the production of All Change in 2000

A collection of Kevin’s own songs, including his personal interpretation of songs written for various Living Archive projects, songs composed for Maids Moreton’s Millennium Pageant, plus a few written for the fun of it.


“The songs mainly have a traditional feel, with an eye to the history that really matters - the experiences, good or bad, of real people, and Kevin does it so well...” Mike Blair, Shire Folk


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‘The Common Land’ by Kevin Adams

Available, on CD only, from Kevin directly.

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