Nine songs are explored in detail here...


Here the band talk to Luke Ashmead about the people who inspire the songs:

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The Band

The Living Archive Band is  the musical wing of Living Archive,  ‘...a living history of Milton Keynes and district’. The Band’s purpose is to write and perform music as ambassadors for the Archive and in celebration of the  history and identity of North Bucks and the new city of Milton Keynes. The band itself has a pedigree going back thirty years or more, and has featured nearly two dozen musicians along the way.



The Musicians

Marion Hill: vocals
Brad Bradstock: vocals, guitar
Kevin Adams: vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar
Sue Malleson: vocals, spoons
Godfrey Yeomans: bass
Dave Crawford: vocals, guitar
Lizzie Bancroft: vocals, brass
Paul Clark: song writer,guitar

The Performances: Although the band grew out of large community based theatrical productions, these days performances are scaled down to concerts in intimate surroundings and with an acoustic feel. Sometimes spoken word material will be enacted by the band members to link or introduce songs or themes, and occasionally a small cast of actors will appear with the musicians, giving cameo scenes, again to link the musical content.